The Website

Wotsay! is an online social networking platform.
To Develop this website we used HTML5, CSS3 for front end development and flask (integrated with python 3) for back end development.
No bootstraps were used because on mutual agreement it was decided that this web development project should be done from scratch.

Members and Responsibilities

Member Responsiilities
Dattatreya Mohapatra Back-end(Flask), Wiki Page
Palaksh Pathak Back-end(Flask), Wiki Page
Harshit Sharma Front-end(HTML, CSS), Supervisor
Hemant Rattey Front-end(HTML, CSS), Hosting

Initial planning


Step by Step Learning Journey

So, we started off with a basic mental layout of the plan. None of us had previous experience with flask or any other possible back end development tool. After going through a series of online tutorials we got ourselves acquainted with the language.
Listing out the main operations and processes that would be carried out at the back end helped us determine the packages and extensions we needed to install.
We started off by creating basic run, configuration and init files, for running our app and routing and linking various files later. We have also given various avatars to users and we have accomplished this task using Gravatar.
Here is a list of various other extensions and their uses in our website:
1. Flask-openID, Flask-login – for managing user logins
2. Flask-sqlAlchemy – for creating a database with the details of the users
3. sqlAlchemy-migrate – to update and manage our database
4. Flask-WTF - to handle all the web forms and also prevent cross site request forgery

On the front end, we created a main HTML base file which was the login page. Several other HTML templates were created and directly linked to the base file by extending them into base.html. We have also included provisions for Error 404 and Error 500.

Code Snippets


Site Screenshots

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