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Meet Our Awesome team

Shourya Sharma: Lead Designer and Developer
Jai Nagar: Knowledge expert and Forum handler
Vedant Kashyap: Accounts and Database Manager
Altaf Raza: Marketing and Advertising


An awesome Tech Forum is born

TechTerror covers a wide area of technology related doubts but specifically to computers. Here the users can ask any question which they find terrifying and our team experts will surely try to clear their doubts. The website was born when the Admins thought about the growing fear of technology in the minds of people. They decided to clear these doubts and bring peace to the world. You have already seen the heroes above, and here below is the root plan on whose foundation this Tech forum was founded. Have a look..


TechTerror: The Rising

Developing TechTerror:
TechTerror uses web development languages like HTML,PHP where designing is handled by CSS,Javascript. Since the developers were not expert in website designing, they decided to use some templates and modify them according to their needs (surely they knew some HTML and CSS in schools ). Most of the webpages are a combination of these languages but login and signup pages are handled externally by AuthPro which helps admins to view the active members and gives security to the site as well.
Hosting TechTerror:
TechTerror is hosted on a website which provides free hosting to its users i.e.


Our Journey

We started our journey with a mere idea of a Tech forum and today we were able to create a simple yet beautiful website. During this project, we learnt advanced concepts of HTML,PHP,CSS and Javascript. We learnt how to make a website attractive, and how to manage accounts. This project taught us skills of advertising, and involving more and more people into this initiative.


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