"Solaris" is a company providing world class and efficient solution to the problem of electricity by harnessing solar power. Our solar panels are used everywhere including 'Industries' and 'Home'.
The website is []


This is our SM assignment aimed at learning 'How to make a Website?' and 'How to run it?'

Team Members and Responsibilities

S.No. Name Responsibilities
1. Saurabh Kumar Front-End Coding(HTML, CSS)(Main Page and Hosting), WikiPage
2. Katari Sakethram Front-End Coding(HTML, CSS)(About and Team Page)
3. Mayank Kumar Front-End Coding(HTML, CSS)(Industrial and Personal page)
4. Shyam Agrawal Front-End Coding(HTML, CSS)(Industrial Page), Initial Planning

Initial Planning

Since all of us had to leave for our home, we decided to make the rough sketch of our Main Page while we are in the hostel and later we can divide the task of making the pages for the hyperlinks. So we came upon the conclusion of make the webpage of the startup named "Solaris" which will be a big company dealing with Electricity Generation using Solar Energy and also making Solar Panels.

Tools and Languages


HTML and CSS was used to code all the pages of the Website.

Sublime-Text and Note-Pad

Some of us used Sublime-Text and some used Note-Pad to code, it is easy to code in these software as you get to know the line number and also the indentation.

While we were collaborating remotely we thought that is a good platform to share codes but we used it for making the main page only as by that time we had bought the hosting and domain so we directly posted the files there.


We bought the domain "[]" and we also bought the hosting, both hosting and domain were bought from "[]", domain for 1 year, while the hosting for a month.


We had no knowledge of codes to make a website so we learnt it from Codecademy and Khanacademy and also took help of the tutorials on
We also searched a few solar companies websites and also searched about different types of solar panels and their efficiency.

Snippets of Code


Snapshots of Webpage Screen

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