OsPn Ltd., The King's Arcade


Team Members and Responsibilities

S.No. Team Members Responsibilities
1. Karan Dabas Backend Coding, Site Layout & Design, Frontend Coding
2. Amit Jaggi Frontend coding, Content Writing, Site Layout, Wikipage
3. Sanidhya Singal Frontend Coding, Content Writing, Wikipage, Graphic Design
4. Anirudh Singh Frontend Coding, Site Layout, Photoshop Editing, Graphic Design

Objective & Introduction

The goal of our project was to learn how to make a website. The project involved team work and was developed over a week's time. It helped us learn how to work together as a team while we were separated by physical barriers.
The theme of our website is e-commerce. The motivation behind our website is the growing online industry and the increasing needs of the people to buy online.

About OsPn Ltd.

OsPn Ltd. is an acronym for Online Shopping Private Networks Limited, The King's Arcade. Our website caters to a wide variety of products - Electronic items, books, clothes and many more. To buy a product, firstly, one needs to sign in. The website enables registration of new users. We have our own database that keeps record of the activities of our users. We do not allow sign ups through any other websites like Google+ or social media like Facebook. We deal directly with the manufacturers. There are no intermediaries/brokers. That is why our prices are lower than the lowest in the market.
Our website is compatible for devices of any resolution, i.e., the view of the website changes according to the device's resolution. The website that one sees on a laptop is diiferent when one sees it on a tablet or mobile, etc.

Languages and Platforms

1. Frontend CSS, HTML, Bootstrap
2. Backend Django

Initial Attempt

Our first aim was to build up a structure of the website. This structure was the base of our website as it consisted of all of the things which we had to put in our website.

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Contact Us

S.No. Image Name E-mail
1. 1002293_599974740034108_193612841_n.jpg Karan Dabas ni.ca.dtiii|14151narak#ni.ca.dtiii|14151narak
2. 11150970_673048242797248_1043333015899848825_n_j.jpg Amit Jaggi ni.ca.dtiii|31051tima#ni.ca.dtiii|31051tima
3. DSC01127_2.jpg Sanidhya Singal ni.ca.dtiii|58051ayhdinas#ni.ca.dtiii|58051ayhdinas
4. 5i_RKMa_A4_T.png Anirudh Singh ni.ca.dtiii|51051hdurina#ni.ca.dtiii|51051hdurina

Final Word

It has been a sincere effort to organise this website. Most of the images including the logo of the website have been designed by us in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy it… Do follow us on Facebook.

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