Our tech startup website is an example of the today's social E-commerce. Inspired from the idea of social E-commerce, we made a website which allows you to compare between two products closely and compare on the specs of that product.

Team members and responsibilities

1 DEWANSH Content writing, Supervision,Wiki page
2 PRASHANT Layout design, Coding,Graphic design
3 KRISHAN Backend coding,Wiki page,Content writing
4 RAJESH Layout design,Coding, Content writing

Initial Planning for the Website

As soon as we got the project we started on browsing and compairing the websites for the theme of our website , from there we got an idea to compare things and named it KEEPON COMPAIRING.


So , the initial design was followed by many changes and by many discusions among ourselves we made a final design.


Tools and Languages used

  • The coding was done in html (Hyper Text Markup Language): HyperText Markup Language, commonly referred to as HTML, is the standard markup language used to create web pages.The basic coding was done in html.
  • Styles were added using css (Cascading Style Sheets): Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language.This is our most used language.
  • The website was made from scratch and therefore, aids like Drupal, Bootstrap etc were not used and also not downloaded template.Each and every code is handwritten.
  • For backend we used php and MySql with Wamp server.

The Learning Process (Code it!)

We had shared the load of work as a team.At first we didn't had any idea about the tools and languages,so in a day or few we 'd learned some of the basic stuffs,and then after we started our mission-"Making of a awsome website".We had some problems but we figured it out from internet.
So,in the beginning we were confused of the topic which we had selected but then after some discussions we got an idea and then we moved forward for the way of HOW TO DO IT WITH LANGUAGES AND TOOLS?.So, in 2-3 day we designed our frontend and homepage.Also by that time we had done with the content writing.So,the main problem occured in the backend,we were not able to make a search box in php then we had to do it with java script.
we learnt from and watched youtube videos for javascript . we were able to make our comment box through PHP and mysql with wamp server which made our site dynamic. Also the changing images on the home screen added to dynamic behaviour of the site.
In the end when we were typing our last our code snippet we were like we had climbed the mt. EVERSET. seriously we wrote about 5000 lines of code on our OWN.

Snapshots and Code Snippets

This is our home page


These are the recomended laptops on our site


The specs page which shows specs of a specific laptop


Some code snippets

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