Tasveer Club Website

About the Website

We have made a website for the Tasveer club of IIITD. The idea is to create a platform where the contact details of the club coordinators of Tasveer are available, the photos taken at the various photo walks and photo trips, and to provide basic information about the club that can be easily viewed by anyone.

What Is Tasveer?

Tasveer is IIITD's Photography Society. It is a platform for people with an interest in photography. We conduct workshops, competitions and photo walks.

Initial Planning of the Website

We thought about many ideas before finally landing up on this one. Initially, we had decided to come up with a fashion club for the institute and make a website for the same. However, we decided to scrap that idea as some team members weren't on board with it. Then, after spending some time thinking, and considering we are photography enthusiasts, we decided to make a website for the photography club.

Tools and Languages Used

A responsive website is an integration of two components namely Front-end and Backend. Frontend is what we see and backend works behind the curtains. It defines the working of what is displayed.
We have used different languages to obtain the frontend and backend components as they work differently. They are as follows:


Bootstrap: We used Bootstrap for designing frontend. Bootstrap is a framework that gives us the power to make complex web designs easily.


Flask and Python: We used Flask for backend. It is a server side scripting language used to create dynamic websites. It stores information about the hyperlinks. It defines the website page that a hyperlink routes to.

Step by Step Learning

Being our best friend, we first turned to Google for help. After acquiring the necessary information about website designing, we got down to work.
We downloaded the template from Bootstrap. The template contains the basic UI design components and basic page structure. We made the necessary changes according to the layout we needed, by recoding on CSS and HTML.
The home page contains the links to various other pages.Coordinators.jpg
Then Coordinatiors page contains the names and contact information of the coordinators.members.jpg
The Members page contains the names of all the members along with their photos.The_photo_gallery.png
The photo gallery contains the photos that were taken at various photo walks and photo trips.

After we were done with the web pages, we used Flask as our backend. Flask enabled us to link our pages.


Kartik: Kartik managed the backend compilation and overall designing of the website.

Shaan: Shaan came up with the layout idea and helped in coding and collection of Tasveer database.

Vidisha: Vidisha contributed in the content of the wikipage.

Aayushi: Aayushi contributed in the content of the wikipage and collection of Tasveer database.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License