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Scriptus is a blogging website implemented using the Web Framework Django 1.8 and which uses HTML and CSS in the front-end. The database management system used is SQLite, which comes built-in with Django.


Team member Responsibility
Aditya Adhikary Backend (Django)
Aravinda Kumaran Frontend (HTML,CSS , JS)
Gunkirat Kaur Frontend (HTML,CSS , JS)
Kushagra Arora Backend (Django)


To create a fully functional Blogging Platform and thereby getting a hands on experience on Web Designing .


  • Django 1.8
  • Github for version controlHTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Initial Planning, Brainstorming

1. Deciding the structure of the website - Creating the relationships between the models used so as to set up an efficient database. Linking the pages from one to another i.e flow of the website.

2. The functionality that our website provides - A logged in user has the privilge create blogs and post in them, like and comment on different posts. However an unauthorised user can only view the different posts and its comments. Also, we have archived our posts in three different ways(by year, by month, by date). We have even displayed the top three posts based on maximum on number of likes.

3. The view of the website - The general look and feel of the different pages of the website.

Glimpses of our discussion:
The database:

We had several options for deciding the back-end framework – Django, Flask and NodeJS, but we decided on Django, because it has an exhausting list of ready-made functions and libraries we can use, it is challenging, and its documentation is quite good. For the front-end, we decided on HTML and CSS.

We have not used Bootstrap or any ready-made templates, and our templates were created from scratch, which required a lot of effort and patience.

Learning Experience

Our learning experience was extremely steep but quite enriching and satisfying, as we explored a multitude of different possibilities. Django was difficult to implement and kept throwing up several different errors on hundreds of occasions, but debugging them was the interesting part. In a week’s time, we learnt a lot under pressure that we could not have done otherwise. HTML requires loads of patience and gets quite gruelling at times, but the overall result was satisfactory. We used funky fonts and minimal posters at various places.

Code Snippets



The Home Page:
A Post by Ara
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