Nuxetile Tech Ltd is a fictitious Tech Startup specialising in app development.
We create minimalist, high-end mobile and Web applications and hope to make a mark in this industry.

This site is currently hosted on localhost on Shiven's Mac.

Team Members and Contributions

Member Contribution
Shiven Mian Main Conceptualising, Designing and Development
Sagar Khurana Helped with Design, Wiki page and review
Sanidhya Daeeyya Helped with Design and Site Content (Index page)
Vivek Rajora Helped with Design and Site Content (Team page)

Initial Planning and Software

Languages used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Extra Frameworks used: Bootstrap (for a CSS3 and Javascript headstart, although Shiven ended up changing more than 85% of the code)
Software used: MacVim and Safari for Development, Apache for Hosting, GitHub for VC

Shiven, being familiar with CSS3, changed most of the Bootstrap code on his own, while for JavaScript, he looked up YouTube tutorials and StackExchange to implement the features he wanted.

Some Code Screenshots

The homepage:


Video Demonstration

Instead of site screenshots, this is a video demonstration of the site that we screen-recorded on Shiven's laptop. Do take a look!

PS: Our site is hosted on localhost/~shivenmian on Shiven's Mac. He hasn't hosted it on any website and at this point he can only show the website through his Mac. This video is for the same purpose: demonstrating his website from localhost.

And also because of the bonus assured if we submit it today, we hereby declare out entire Web Assignment work frozen (26 Oct 2015, 22:14:00).

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