ThoughtShot began as a System Management project that was to be done in a week during the Dusshera Break. We as a team were fascinated by the opportunities that a blog could provide, be it expressing one's view to the outside world or promoting an organisation. Making a blog made us understand what a blog actually means to people and how important an entity is it in today's expanding and tech-savvy world. Also making a blog wouldn't restrict our creative minds to a particular format. Thus we went forward with the idea of making a blogging website


ThoughtShot team consists of 4 people:

Member Name Responsibilities
Rishabh Garg Backend (Django) & Frontend (HTML & CSS & Bootstrap) & Wiki Page
Subramanyam Dantu Frontend (HTML & CSS & Bootstrap) & Wiki Page
Ajay Balasubramanian Backend (Django) & Wiki Page
Shreyans Mongia Frontend (HTML & CSS) & Wiki Page

This project would have not been possible without each and every team members' efforts and the sincere guidance of our SM teacher Ms. Jyoti Sinha


Initially we did not know where to start. We made a rough draft of what we want to accomplish and who is doing what. We wanted to do something new and challenging, hence we decided to learn Django for the back end work and HTML and CSS for the front end. It wasn't easy. But we managed to learn a sufficient amount of Django with sleepless nights. In the end it paid off and we had a sense of accomplishment in learning something new.

A rough blueprint of the website we made :


Completely new to the world of Web Designing, initially we had difficulties deciding which language to use to build our blog. After a long discussion we decided to us Django for the back end and HTML5 and CSS for the front end. Before starting to code, we made a rough blueprint of the layout of our blog. After a final draft we made the back end creating a database for storing the posts and comments. It was very intense, but in a fun and exciting way. We were exposed to the world of web designing like no other. Once our back end was complete we sat down to format our website. For the front end we used HTML5 and CSS.

Learning Outcome

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