We are mips

Our team members are:
1)Mayank Bhoria
2)Ishmeet Kaur
3)Pranav Nambiar
4)Siddharth Chandra

Now why MIPS?
We went creative and created the name by our initials (no surprises here!)

From the onset we had one clear goal:
Having freshly emerged from the mid-sem we knew we had to create something to help students like us prepare at the last moment
Backpack while being nice didn't have a few features.
Although you could read all the topics you didn't know whether you fully understood the working of the chapter so we included the practice part.
If you didn't understand the lecture or drifted off and feel left out of what your colleagues are talking about we have a video section
If you are allowed to bring in cheat sheets during the exam and don't know what all to include in the cheat sheet then we have a cheat sheet section
Also if you wish to study beforehand and have lot's of time for 'clear understanding' you can visit the notes section




Member Name Responsibilities
Mayank Bhoria Practice section and coordination
Ishmeet Kaur file hosting, Video section and notes section
Pranav Nambiar animations,bit of front page and wiki page
Siddharth Chandra gathered content and cheat sheet section

ps : everyone worked on the front page for hours rejecting one idea after another and coding the next

The Beginning

The absolute start

The team was formed as we were sitting next to each other
Well there are no surprises there!!!

The first meeting was where we decided what to do

We met for the first time and after a lot of thought this was what we actually formed


We started by planning to add many cool features to the website like music,scoreboard,weekly toppers but as we were all newbies we either didn't reach the level to add them or vetoed the idea out like music was vetoed out scoreboard was too bulky and so was not included

The initial design of the website


This was the first view of how our website would look like

Trial pages

Later on when we began we started by creating a basic view of the website
So following are the basic first pages created

We created basic views of different pages

The Journey

The overall journey from website noobs to decent website developers was quite interesting

We were quite sure that we had to use html but for the back-end we weren't so sure

Initially we decided to learn flask but at the end we created our back-end on php

We learnt how to create websites within hours just by using basic html,css and php

Our mentors

We started out as complete freshers but the html videos on new boston website, the stack overflow, w3schools etc saved us

The start of the coding process

Our main page had a cool animation on which we spent much time learning animation in css

The ball here actually grows and contracts in size as you may have seen in the main page of our site

The site has a navigation menu in which you can choose you subject
Presently we only have four options but as we advance in our course in iiit we hope to add more sections

This is the page where you select your topic of desire

view of all the videos which you may watch

All notes of the site are here

The best part this is our test page where a person may test his knowledge of the chapters

This is the code of the test page

These are the files uploaded by us

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