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Udhbhav Gupta (2015185)
Shubham Khanna (2015179)
Kaustubh Singh (2015143)
Dhruva Sehrawat (2015026)

Shubham Khanna- Login Page, Signup, Login Social, Live Chat, Wikipage
Udhbhav Gupta- Forum Page, Dynamic Backgrounds, Formatting, Articles, Mobile Website, Wikipage
Kaustubh Singh- Search, Website Time, Formatting, Templates
Dhruva Sehrawat- Articles, Logo


Joomla, Joomla Extensions, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP


We initially started off with the plan that we will setup our site through Joomla on localhost using XAMPP and later purchase a domain name for live hosting. We spent an entire day setting up Apache server and MySQL database and also had to tinker around with port numbers since Team Viewer was causing hindrance to the process. After doing this and installing Joomla we started exploring Joomla and referred to plenty of tutorials on https://www.siteground.com/. In the process we discovered the demo version of Joomla. It provides you with the full functionality of Joomla and also hosts your website free for 90 days. This also solved the problem of working simultaneously on the website as per each member's convenience. Thus we finally decided to use demojoomla for making our website.

Unlike popular belief Joomla is not very easy. Although many extensions are available in an online library, the administrator page itself isn't very easy to get comfortable with and navigate around. We had to spend a lot of time on going through video tutorials and googling our problems.

We gradually became comfortable with it and used extensions to make the basic structure of our website. However the amalgamation of extensions looked far from beautiful (and much different from how it does presently). Thereafter, came the most troublesome part where we actually had to turn the Joomla administrator upside down to find the CSS and PHP files of the templates and continuously tinker around with codes which controlled everything from the font size to the backgrounds. The Mozilla Add-On Firebug helped us invaluably in this process. Although this did consume a lot of time of ours, on the plus side we did learn a thing or two about coding the websites.

All in all the website making was a demanding but good experience where the late night work was spiced up with hilarious con-calls. The result is our feature filled AND THE ONLY tech forum of SM2015—*drum rolls* http://kostech.demojoomla.com/!! Check it out for Tech discussions, Live Chat with Moderators, Tech News, Dedicated Mobile Site and Backgrounds that change with time of the day!


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