Helping Hands


This website is specifically designed for the numerous people interested in social service. 'Helping hands' provides all that you need in order to serve the society to your heart's content at the click of a button. Authorised NGOs and other non profit organisations working towards a better society register with us. Hang on! In this case any one can claim to be authorised by the government and register with us. No, we prevent this by asking the organisation to upload a valid government authorised certificate. Also users who register with us can donate or volunteer in any of these organisations.

With this website we aim to make the working of such charitable organisations transparent and cheat-free. We have introduced a track button which helps the user track what has happened to the things he donated, be it books, clothes, shoes, furniture just about anything that can be reusable provided that NGO excepts it. :P. We have realised this by letting the NGO upload images of whatever was done with the things donated. If books were donated then to validate its correct use, a picture of the needy who recieved the book have to be uploaded.

Also the User has his/her own social profile on our website. Use, you say? Well many universities nowadays require some social work to be done and its proof shown. Our social profile works wonders for people with that motive because of its transparency and authenticity.
We have tried our best to do all the above mentioned objectives and would love to expand it making it more professional in the near future.


S.No. Name Responsibility
1. Shreyash Arya Front end and wikipage
2. Tushita Rathore Front end and wikipage
3. YS Ramya Front end and back end and wikipage
4. Nishant Sinha Front end and back end



Idea emerged from the need for an authentic and transparent website listing all the NGOs at one place. In case anyone wants to search by NGOs by typing in cities or by name of the organisation or by the fields they deal in.

The first layout of our website.



The website was made using html(Hyper Text Markup Language), css(Cascading Style Sheets) and Bootstrap for the front end and Flask for the back end.


We started by working on learning the basics of HTML and CSS.
As we proceeded with the designing of the webpages, we learned how to use style sheets and Bootstrap in the code using w3schools tutorials and codecademy.
Then started the journey of learning how to use flask for the back-end.
This began with installing flask which was a big head ache :D
followed by creating database for the login and then linking of the webpages.
Finally we hosted our website on our friend's laptop.




You can view our website at
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