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Team Members and Responsibilities

S.No. Team Members Responsibility
1. Rajan Girsa Frontend development, Backend coding
2. Aarushi Arya Frontend Development, Content Writing, Graphic Design
3. Aakash Deep Frontend development, Wikipage, Site Layout
4. Gaurav Sachdeva Website Design, Graphic Designing, Site Layout


The main objective of the project is to learn and develop a user friendly website. We have chosen Ecommerce as the theme of our project because it is one of the fastest and largest growing industry. So our major aim is to make handicrafts shopping easy for the users and to make it an easy, and usable platform to market the company's products.


handEhub is the e-commerce business set up primarily to provide the dedicated platform for the Indian handicrafts and Indian traditional items. We cater to all types of handmade stuff across India. We aim to provide the best place to the Indian craftsmen and skilled handicrafts maker, a place where they can showcase their products and reach to the customer directly without any barriers. Indian handicrafts is one of the largest indian industry. But the sad part is it is one of the most scattered and unorganised industry. So handEhub is a sincere effort to organise this industry and provide a dedicated network and marketplace to all those involved in this industry viz manufacturers and customers.

Tools, Language and Platform

1. Frontend CSS, HTML, Bootstrap
2. Backend PHP, JavaScripts
3. Databases MySql
4. Type Handicraft Web-Site

Area and Initial Planning of the Website

We have chosen Ecommerce as the theme of our project because it is one of the fastest and largest growing industry.

Initial Attempt

Our first aim is to build up a structure of the website. This structure is the base of our website as it consist of all of the things which we have to put in our website.

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Contact Us

Store Information: handEhub, New Delhi, India
Call us: 7503326767 (Rajan Girsa)
email at: moc.buhednah|troppus#moc.buhednah|troppus
Refer to: http://handehub.com/contact-us

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