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For Startups

In the Current generation there are lots of startups across india and they also need someoone to do their work so is for them to hire best available lancer who can help them to build their startup


We are trying to make it social as in the coming days , everyone needs a lancer who can do work for them. Many of them hate to work for others and seriously there any many people who hate their 9 to 5 jobs.

Areas of Initial Planning

The main thing is all the group members didnt know each other before the was just a fate/luck.the initial planning took place in A-312 (Ashutosh's room).we were short of a member and then later during the developing period Priya joined us.

Learning Process

We were introduced to some new concepts and programming language. Google helped us a lot and for PHP Reference we used and for html and css tutorials as well as basics to website designing.

How we got this Ideas

One of our team mates attends a meet at Amazon Training Center, where he asks all of the persons that If Everyone would start their own startups then who would do their work . So one guy told him '''At Last Everyone would be going for freelancing''' . So we started this platform a social platform for us

Screen Shots

Team Members

Ashutosh Kumar

- Backend
Refreshed my experience with PHP and some sort of front end with some Javascript Libraries and CSS Libraries.

Suril Mehta

- FrontEnd
First of all it gave me a brief revision about the html…..(after a long time :))..eventually to make the front end better learned the basics of CSS and JAVASCRIPT.
Had really a tough time to start off the project but after starting there was no looking helped understand that there is nothing a code cant do
…gave me a designing exposure plus a bit of php as well…
overall it turned out to be a great experience

Saksham Suri

- FrontEnd
Started with learning Node.js to make live chat but then the idea was scrapped so I started to help in designing the frontend mainly by using HTML,which was a lot of fun as i learnt some new functionalities of HTML which i did not know before. Then i was introduced to CSS which made the frontend even more attractive by supplementing HTML.All in all it was quite an experience.

Priya Rajpurohit

Having joined the group at the end, i was given to build an web app using parse.js. During this process i learnt a lot of things that were new to me as i am a beginner to web designing.But unfortunately, due to some unavoidable reasons i couln't complete the app was a great experience for me.


  • HTML and CSS for Frontend
  • PHP for Backend
  • MySQL for Database Storage
  • CSS Libraries - MaterializeCss and MUICSS
  • Javascript and Jquery
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