Game+Preview, is a site developed by four IIIT D students. The site encourages interaction between bloggers and readers. It helps to keep the gameoholics updated about the latest games.

Game+Preview Team

Serial Number Member Name Responsibilities
1 Dheeraj Rana Wikipage, Frontend, backend
2 Piyush Choudhary Backend
3 Shashwat Malik Backend, Frontend
4 Mridul Gupta Layout and Design, Database handling

Initial Planning

We wanted to build a solution for the gamers to stop at a site and check out the world of gaming from a whole different angle. The main motive was to learn web development and make a website in such a way that the people don't see us as the first timers (looking at our front end).

Tools, Languages and Platform

We have used the exciting world of

  • HTML
  • CSS

Our Journey

  • We started by making a rough model of what we need to provide to the users.
  • Hands on HTML and CSS (Every member).
  • We divided our workload as per the front end and backend.
  • We studied extensively about parse, j query and javascript.
  • The front end model was created and linked to the parse database.
  • The whole backend was created on parse.
  • Then finally the website was hosted and tested for a day to get the flaws and bugs.

Snaps and Screenshot

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