As a part of the System Management project, we were given the task of making a website. We had to choose our topic and we chose E-commerce. We made a group of four with members as Divansh Arora, Kunal Sharma, Ajit Singh and Nikhil Verma. We gave our website the name DealOcean.

Basic Layout of the site

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Technology used

  • HTML and CSS for front end
  • PHP for back end

About the team

Ajit Singh
  • Back end coding in PHP
  • Front end coding in CSS and HTML
Divansh Arora
  • Front end coding in HTML and CSS
  • Design and ideas for website layout and wiki page
Kunal Sharma
  • Website hosting
  • Back end
Nikhil Verma
  • Responsible for team coordination
  • Front end

What we learnt

This website was a great learning experience for all the team members. Learning CSS, HTML and PHP and then actually applying it to make a website actually helped us to grasp all the concepts involved properly. The long debugging sessions made us realize what coding really is. Overall it was a really great experience.

The website is completed and submitted 11:58 PM 26/10/15

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