Our startup, CrystalTech aims to bring new and innovative 3D modelling and virtual reality softwares and hardwares respectively.
The website is being hosted at

Team members and responsibilities

S.No. Name Responsibilities
1. Aryaman Dobhal Backend, CSS files, career page and wiki page.
2. Naveen Attri Layout of the webpages, Frontend : home page, wiki page, Backend : creating database for the login page, hosting of the website.
3. Paras Jain Backend and contents of blog page and wiki page.
4. Shreya Sharma Responsible for frontend and contents for 'About' ,'Products' page and wiki page.

Initial Planning

We first thought about the basic layout of website. After that we thought of what all to learn to be able to build it. Then it turned out that HTML and CSS are basic things to learn. Js was needed if we wanted to fully make what we wanted. So one of us learned Js. Then we decided to use flask for backend as it seemed relatively easy because we were familiar with python and php was alien to us.

This is the page which contains information of the initial planning of the project.


Tools, Platforms and Languages

All the webpages of our website were built from scratch using the knowledge of HTML and CSS only except the home page which uses Javascript as well.
The login page of the website was created using Flask web framework which uses Python (We used python 2.7).
The hosting of the website was done on .

Learning Process

Since all the team members did not have much knowledge about web-designing, so we started with HTML and CSS tutorials on
We researched about 3 D modelling software’s which are of use in today's life and as a Tech Start-up we decided to build a website which serves that purpose to our customers!
We read some general stuff about some softwares for 3d modelling and virtual reality.
And many others.
To learn about flask web framework.

we went through the tutorials on: This helped us in creating the basic login page.

We also used to host our website, it offers free hosting for websites which use python for their backend.

Snippets of code



Screenshots of website



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