As a part of our mini-project, we made a Tech Start-up website (app) to help students work with 3x3 matrices. You can access the website from here.

Our Motivation

We are being taught a course on linear algebra and matrices. So, to learn more about matrices, we made a website on the same. This website performs basic operations and enables us to know more about matrices of the order 3x3. Our primary goal was to help students understand matrices better. In today’s world, the fastest way to achieve these goals is through the internet.
Our idea started when we saw a few people struggling with the concept of matrices.
Our team members then sat together thought about this situation and thus decided to make a website about this for the SM project.
On our first team meeting, we sat down and thought about the website, its design, and how do we make it. A small snapshot of our first paper used to picturise this idea…


Tools and languages used

Most websites have two components, frontend and backend.
Frontend is basically what you see on the webpage, and backend defines how it works. Since they are quite different from each other, different languages are used.



HTML was used to design the basic structure of the webpage.


CSS enabled us to make this website neater, efficient and presentable using various attributes for the HTML tags.



PHP was used for performing various calculations and logical operations.

How it works

The homepage will take input of a 3x3 matrix from the user. Upon receiving the input, the website calculates

• The determinant
• The inverse (if it exists)
• The Row Reduced Echelon Form
• Some more information about the matrix

Various tools have been used to make the experience of navigation through the site user-friendly. If the user forgets to give an input or gives an incorrect input, the site will prompt the user to fill in the valid entry before proceeding.

A glossary has been made for helping the user with various difficult terms. Hyperlinks have been added to words throughout the website which lead the user to the glossary helping him to know more about those terms. The user can edit the old matrix whenever he wants.

Navigating through the site

Home Page

The home page asks the user to input a valid 3x3 matrix and allows him to hit the ‘go’ button. All the pages including this page have several options on the top from which the user can choose



This page shows the original matrix and its determinant.



This page shows the original matrix, tells the order of the matrix and some more basic properties of matrix.



This page shows the original matrix and its inverse.



This page shows the original matrix and its echelon form.



This page tells some technical terms used in matrices.



This page shows the contact details of the founders of this website.


Code used to make this website









Step by step learning journey

1. We first learnt that to make a website, one must learn the two aspects of website – Frontend and backend.
2. Frontend
a. We first learnt about the basics of coding by writing a small program in HTML which prints ‘Hello World’. We the moved further on by learning more advanced HTML. Major help was given by the website in learning the basics of HTML.
b. We then learnt that HTML wasn’t sufficient enough to make a website appear attractive. This is when we came across CSS. CSS helped in improving the website’s appearance drastically. Major help was given by which taught us to use CSS from the very basic.
3. Backend
a. We learnt that PHP was one of the language used in backend. It mostly like c++ language, so it was easier for us to write it down syntactically. It was used in all calculations of the matrix like inverse, echelon form, determinant and to compute other information. Major help was given by the website which told us the syntax of PHP.

Team Members

Team Members Responsibilities
Akhil Goel Backend, PHP
Aman Agarwal Frontend, HTML, CSS
Mohit Agarwal Wiki Page, Ideas, Layout
Tanmay Goyal Wiki page, layout, Content
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